Collection: Broccoli, Cauliflower and Kohlrabi

Brassica Oleraceae. There are two kinds of broccoli. Summer broccoli, or calabrese is sown in spring to produce a crop in summer and autumn. 'Sprouting' broccoli is sown in spring or early summer to produce a crop the following spring.

It is sown from March to May either directly in the ground or in modules. The plants are then transplanted or thinned to rows 60-100cm apart with plants 60cm-100cm apart, in the rows. Plants from later sowings can be left closer as they will not get as big. Brassica plants are susceptible to cabbage root fly from which they can be protected by slipping a 20cm square of carpet or such-like around their bases. They appreciate rich, and not too acid soil. Calabrese will produce a crop form July to September, depending on when it is sown. The curds of the sprouting broccolis are produced from March on depending on weather conditions and the size of the plants. Larger plants will produce their curds first. Harvest the side-shoots regularly to promote more production.

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