Collection: Cabbage, Kale and Sprouts

Some kales such as Asparagus kale are Brassica Oleraceae while others such as Ragged Jack are Brassica napus. Gortahook Cabbage is Brassica Oleraceae. The photos above shows Ragged Jack leaves on the left and Asparagus kale on the right, Winter cabbage can be sown in spring or autumn, either directly in the ground or in modules. The plants are then transplanted or thinned to rows 60cm apart. The plants can be 30cm to 60cm apart. Plants from later sowings can be left closer as they will not get as big. Cabbage appreciates rich soil but is not very demanding. Spring cabbages are sown in late summer and mature in early summer the following year. Myatt's Offenheim can produce heads in April under cover and May June outdoors.

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