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Baby's First Dinner Box

Baby's First Dinner Box

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Seeds of Beetroot, Pumpkin/Squash, Pea and spinach

It is very exciting when babies first start to eat solid food. They love the sensation of putting novel foods in their mouths and are delighted with new flavours and textures. There is a lot of controversy about whether a baby’s first meal should be cereals, meat fruit or vegetables, but most authorities agree that a baby can benefit from fresh vegetables from around 6 months of age. Iron is an important part of a baby’s diet at this point, as the store of iron they are born with has been depleted and there isn’t enough in milk. The vegetables we have chosen are good sources of iron and vitamins. It is probably best to cook vegetables for babies, as it makes them easier to digest. However over-cooking will destroy some of the vitamins. It is not necessary to puree them, as picking up pieces of food themselves helps baby’s coordination, and many believe they are capable of balancing their diets by choosing food that suits them.

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