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Cherokee Trail of Tears

Cherokee Trail of Tears

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Between 1838 and 1839 the Cherokee people of the United States were forced to march across the Smoky Mountains to Oklahoma. This winter death march is known as the Trail of Tears as over 4,000 people died making the trip.

In 1977 a member of Seed Savers Exchange named Dr. John Wyche from Hugo, Oklahoma donated these seeds to our collection. It is thought that his Cherokee ancestors carried this heirloom bean with them on the Trail of Tears.

Beans were domesticated in the Americas thousands of years ago and serve as a protein in the diet of humans and animals.

This is a vigorous climbing bean that can be used either as a green bean or aloud to mature into a black drying bean.

Sow from April indoors or in May outside. Average 30 seeds per packet

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