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Also called cilantro, a distictively flavoured leaf herb used in many dishes. Sow Coriander in in early spring and in mid-summer, for a continuous supply of leaves. It enjoys warm conditions and so should be started under cover in spring and planted out as the garden warms up. Sow seeds 1cm apart in rows 20cm apart and protect from slugs. Or else start in modules. Harvest the leaves when big enough to use. Dry the leaves in thin layers in a warm dry place. Early sown plants can be left to flower and produce seeds. The seeds can be harvested when the plants begin to go brown and die off. Harvest the plants whole and bring them indoors to a warm place. When dry the seeds can be rubbed off the flower heads. They can be ground in a coffee grinder, or with a pestle and mortar. A late summer planting should provide leaves through the winter in the greenhouse or in a sheltered spot outside, before flowering in the spring. 

Average Gardener pack : 175 seeds per packet

Average Grower pack : 1750 seeds per packet

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