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'How to Build an Ark. Acts of restorative kindness with Mary Reynolds' 27th July

'How to Build an Ark. Acts of restorative kindness with Mary Reynolds' 27th July

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Brown Envelope Seeds is excited to welcome you to the farm for an Afternoon with Mary Reynolds-

Mary is joining us on the 27th of July to host a talk on her book 'We are the Ark'

Tea and treats provided set to be a very interesting talk for anybody into rewilding and biodiversity!


'We Are The Ark re-awakens these same people’s protective instincts and sparks them to personal action that makes sense. It may not seem like much, but if millions of us restore our patches of the planet, then we have an unstoppable force for change' 

Her website and book is a guide to working with your land, weaving layers of life back into it, guiding them to become as supportive a sanctuary as possible for our shared kin on earth. 

'We humans have taken too much. It is time to thoughtfully open our gardens, parks, schoolgrounds, farm boundaries and waterways to life, to support our shared kin and to restore our true nature.;' 

One of guardian, instead of gardener.'


"Mary Reynolds beautiful book “We are the Ark “ is a remembrance of our earth being, of care and kindness, of diversity and cooperation. It helps us remember that we are the earth, and earth care is the essence of our being. The Monoculture of the Mind made us forget how to co-create with the Earth’s Biodiversity. We are the Ark helps us return the earth to the fullness of her life, peace, abundance, through our caring, sharing, gratitude “ - Dr Vandana Shiva 

“In We are the Ark, Mary Reynolds gives us a much needed reason for hope. The gardener, the conservationist, the city planner and the nature lover will all be inspired for this wonderful book shows how thousands of even small wildlife friendly gardens, including school gardens, can provide habitat for embattled wildlife around the world.”
- Jane Goodall, PhD, DBE
Founder – the Jane Goodall Institute
& UN Messenger of Peace 

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