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Eruca Sativa

Spicy flavoured leaves for use in salads. This versatile leaf is easy to grow and can be produced all year round with regular sowings. Average seeds per packet 700. Rocket can be sown all year round in a greenhouse or tunnel but is probably best not planted outside until March, then it should be sown regularly to provide a constant supply of leaves. The plants will go to seed when the days are short so planting in early spring and then in August and September is the most useful way to grow it. The flowers are tasty and decorative in salad. Sow the seeds thinly in rows 20cm apart just covering them with soil, Cut the leaves when 3-6cm long. The seed can be saved by allowing the pods to mature and then drying the plants. Place the dry plants on a tarp or in a duvet cover to crush the pods and release the seed.

Average Gardener pack : 650 seeds per packet.

Average Grower pack : 6500 seeds per packet.

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